[Fixed] Bitdefender 2017 High Memory Usage Issue

Error: BitDefender 2017 High Memory Usage

Description: We all know about BitDefender anti-virus security but BitDefender 2017 version used to consume more memory than it should.

Company: BitDefender Anti-Virus

What is BitDefender 2017?

We are all familiar with the term“antivirus”. This is a program created, that will update virus databases and allow scanners to identify viruses if any, present in our computer system during the scanning process. A managed antivirus solution is something that is often provided by different IT partners. These experts take care of the installation process of the software on computer systems and other devices, thereafter manage the solutions for any upcoming problem. It is also ensured that the scanners are up-to-date and scans are scheduled after a convenient interval of time, thus keeps helps in protecting our computers.

Why BitDefender 2017 high memory usage occur?

Bitdefender also works as a managed antivirus. This managed antivirus uses a lot of memory as because it continuously keeps scanning the system and stores the unwanted files and folders.

There are many unnecessary files and folders that often use up our space that is available in our disk, this may also cause our system to slow down. Therefore, BitDefender 2017 high memory usage occur. It is essential that we are improving our system speed by cleaning this type of unwanted files on a regular basis.

Troubleshoots for BitDefender 2017 High Memory Usage Issue:

Bitdefender Disk Clean up helps us to free up our drive space by identifying the unwanted files and folders that we do not use. To proceed with this BitDefender 2017 high memoery usage issue we need to follow some basic steps:

  • Firstly, we need to click on the “tools” icon
    that is present on the left hand sidebar of the Bitdefender interface. And
    then we have to click on the Disk Clean up action
  • After that a window appears that displays the
    information about what Disk Clean up can do for our computer system, so that we
    can get more room for new data. And then proceed to “continue”.
  • Then we will find a list of the available disks.
    Such as, windows disks, external hard drives and USB devices that will be
    scanned and displayed in the list. And we need to click on “scan” option from
    the disk area, which we want to scan and clean up.
  • Then the selected drive is analysed and we have to wait for some time
    till Bitdefender finishes searching for unwanted files and folders. After
    that we have to click on “view” so that we can access all the folders that are belonging
    to the selected location.
  • In the left hand side of our computer window, we can see a pie
    chart that shows the amount of drive space that is used up. Lastly, to complete
    the procedure we have to drag the files which we want to delete from our
    computer system to the lower part of our window screen.
  • Next we should click on the “view” option if in case we are wanting
    to take a second look over those files which we have selected to delete. And
    the just click on the “delete permanently” to start the process of

In this way, we can at least prevent high memory usage or can say that this acts as an alternative to keep our problems solved for a bit of time. We hope your issue regarding BitDefender 2017 high memory usage must be resolved by now. If you need any assistance the get in touch with the suport team. 

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