[Error Fixed] BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi Connection

Error: BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi

Description: While exploitation BitDefender 2018, the firewall could block the association between your system and another device.

What is BitDefender 2018?

Bitdefender is an internet security endpoint software which develops and sells anti-virus software and other cybersecurity products and services. We often see that after the installation of BitDefender a program or a web browser can be no longer connect to the Internet. Moreover, it also cannot access network services after this.

Why BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi?

The new features in bitdefender includes the Wi-Fi Security Advisor, which lists all types of local wireless networks that are available and highlights the vulnerabilities if there are any. Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security also help us to overcome this issue of wifi blocking by offering a parental control and a firewall.

In this case, we can resolve BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi this issue by making some changes in configuration of the Bitdefender application, after which it will automatically start allowing connections to and from the respective software application.
In case of any type of adding or editing that we want to make in the application rule, we need to proceed as the steps:

  • Firstly, we need to open the Bitdefender window and click on the Settings button that is present on the upper toolbar.
  • Then we should click the Firewall on the left-hand side menu and then select the advanced tab. In that, there will be an application rules panel and we need to select that.
  • We then will have to simply double-click on it in order to see the rules that are created for any application. In order to modify the rules for the blocked application, we need to double-click on it and selecting allow in the permission panel.
  • In case if we are wishing to add any type of new application rule, we should click the corresponding button. And then click on the browse option and select the application on which we want to apply the rule.
  • Lastly, we need to select all available the network types and then make it allow from permission panel.BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi

Troubleshoots to fix BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi:

Bitdefender blocks the wifi network multiple times. We can simply prevent this by turning off the firewall and then load the wifi, then again turn it to access the internet. Our personal data can come at risk by sending e-mails, typing sensitive credentials or shopping online in case if we are connected to an unsafe wireless network. Product settings are adjusted by public wifi profile providing us the facility to make payments online and use sensitive information in a protected environment.

In case if we want to apply product settings to BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi while connected to an unsafe wireless network:

  • Firstly, we have to click on settings, which is there on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface.
  • Then we need to select the Profiles tab and make sure that the Profiles option is turned on. After that, we should click the configure button from the Public Wi-Fi Profile area.
  • We have to give some time for the adjustments of the product settings, indeed to boost up our protection while we are connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network. Lastly, we just have to click enable and then the save button.

These are ways by which we can prevent the BitDefender 2018 blocking WiFi & stopping our work and can also get connected to the world.

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